“Climate Change – The Uncertain evil”

By Shubham Singh


Flood in this season

Drought in the next

In this Uncertain Situation

We cannot be at rest.


This threat has shaken the nations

Full of danger and strange

The biggest global problem

We called it climate change


It affects the entire world

From humans to the vulture

But, the biggest threat it poses

Is on the backbone of agriculture


When I need water for irrigation

I see sky for some rain

But, not even a drop to drink

All my hard work go in vain


When the crops are standing

They need no water and want it dry

The sudden rain and storms

Leave me the whole season cry

I work in extreme winter

Also sweat in extreme hot

Still, I lose my crop

And a rope cut my throat


Hanging in those last seconds

I see my field one last time

Closing my eyes slowly

Thinking, what was my crime?


The heat is crossing its limit

The cold is shaking the bone

Killing animals and birds

They are crying in painful tone


Global temperature continues to rise

Glaciers melting at the poles

Challenging the human efforts

In achieving the UN Goals


Before the bunch of treaties

Are we trying to hide?

Ignoring the coming monster

Full of destruction and tide


It may be a start

Which can lead to an end

Serious efforts are needed to stop

This dangerous trend

Image by user6702303on Freepik


Posted by Adriane Coelho