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The Ginkgo tree is easily identified by its unique fan-shaped leaves, and it is the sole remaining member of its evolutionary family, Ginkgoaceae (Isah 2015).

Sarah, Vanessa & Sofia / November 1, 2021

Almond Burfi/Kathli/diamond using Monk Fruit Sugar

This volume brings an extensive article on Monk fruit sugar which goes well as on many sweets. Here is one which combines of the goodness of almond and the zero calorie monk fruit sugar

Sivagamasundhari Sikamani (Siva) / November 1, 2021

Monk Sugar

Siraitia grosvenorii, a member of the Cucurbitaceae (gourd) family,is an herbaceous perennial vine (Fig. 1) that grows from 2 to 5 meters by clinging tendrils.

Yan (Leanne) Li / November 1, 2021

Role of local traditional healers in preservation of traditional knowledge and biodiversity conservation

Traditional healers are the acclaimed people in a tribal community who provide health care to the local people. Their putative knowledge of natural resources embodying plant and animal sources and mineral substances along with conventional social, ethical, religious, magico-religious and cultural, practices is well-recognized by the indigenous community. It is this competence of the healers that that they work as medical practitioners in the region and help in social, physical and mental well-being of the people in the society.

Dr. Pooja Gupta / November 1, 2021

Know More About Plant Resource

This cross word puzzle deals with information about some plants of high economic importance.

Dr. Pooja Gupta / November 1, 2021

Diversity in Danger

Diversity in danger

Shubham Singh / November 1, 2021

Botanical Floral Art

Botanical floral art

Mary Mello / November 1, 2021

Greetings from the Editor

Welcome to Spiritual Botany Issue Eight

Praveen Saxena / November 1, 2021