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The Lure of Plants

The Lure of Plants Composed by: Dr Pooja Gupta  Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, India; The enchanting world of plants, Calling me with open arms, Embracing them with pure love, I’m lured by its charm! True to themselves, Rectitude is their identity, Plants the verve of life, Are better known for their serenity! Always cool and calm, Epitomise persistence, Teach us to be steady In all circumstance! With them the world seems so...

Dr. Pooja Gupta / December 15, 2022

Kolam (Rangoli)

Kolam (Rangoli) is a wonderful art that merges creativity, spirituality, mathematics and science together. Kolam, in its traditional context, is said to be drawn using rice powder to announce auspiciousness and that all-is-well in the household. Apart from its traditional resonance, many more layered meanings, stories, and beliefs are credited to this creative art when viewed through multiple lenses. Let’s check out a few of them here. One of the benefits of Kolam is to provide food to ants, insects,...

Mrs. Suganya Narayanan / December 15, 2022

Science in the Garden

Science in the Garden: Reaping the Rewards of Recycling and Recuse After his retirement as a professional welder, when you hear the term “experiment”, you might connect it to places like a lab or school. Have you ever thought of science in the garden? A local gardener, Mario Guardiero, has taken this concept seriously and brought together the idea of recycling and reusing. Mario has always loved gardening since his childhood when he helped in his family farming operations in...

Roocha Shukla / December 15, 2022

Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation – By Shubham Singh Dr David Suzuki, a Canadian academic and environmental activist, said “If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.” Currently, we are on the verge of losing our biological diversity at the fastest rate ever since human civilization. From economy to environment, water to weather, soil to shelter, fire to food and...

Shubham Singh / December 14, 2022

“Climate Change – The Uncertain evil”

“Climate Change – The Uncertain evil” By Shubham Singh —————– Flood in this season Drought in the next In this Uncertain Situation We cannot be at rest.   This threat has shaken the nations Full of danger and strange The biggest global problem We called it climate change   It affects the entire world From humans to the vulture But, the biggest threat it poses Is on the backbone of agriculture   When I need water for irrigation I see...

Shubham Singh / December 14, 2022

Maple and the birds

Maple and the Birds Written and Illustrated by Roocha Shukla

Roocha Shukla / December 14, 2022

Greetings from the Editor – Issue 9

Greetings from the Editor  Dear Reader I apologize for delay in publication of this volume due to several unavoidable circumstances, but I hope that you will enjoy the diversity of features in this volume which includes contributions on medicinal plants to biodiversity conservation and climate change. A special feature in this volume is “Kolam” which is a unique art form that merges creativity, spirituality, mathematics and science. Another special feature is  the illustrated story “Maple and the bird” which displays conversation between...

Praveen Saxena / December 13, 2022

English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.): Botanical Versatility

  English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.): Botanical Versatility Contributed by: Nicole Ramsay Binomial Name Lavandula angustifolia Mill. Synonyms Lavandula officinalis Chaix Lavandula spica L., nom. utique rej. Lavandula vera DC. (USDA, n.d.)   Common Names True lavender (MBG, n.d.), Garden lavender, lavender, English lavender, lavendel (German), Echter lavendel (German), Schmalblatt-lavendel (German), lavande (French), lavande officinale (French), lavande vraie (French), lavande à feuilles étroites (French), lavanta (Turkish), lavendel (Danish), alfazema (Portuguese), lavanda (Portuguese), Keskenylevelű levendula (Hungarian), lavandel (Swedish), levandule lékařská (Czech),...

Nicole Ramsay / December 13, 2022