Month: October 2019

Kava: Traditional significance and modern clinical interest

The use of Kava is of therapeutic interest but, some adverse effects may be present if its consumption is not done under knowledgeable supervision.

Marco Pepe and Samantha McReavy / October 8, 2019

Believing in Dryads: A new way of Understanding plants, neurotransmitters and the senses

If you do not believe in Dryads (figure 1) and Elves (figure 2) as spirits that live in plants, you may want to reconsider. Many people believe that plants do not feel as animals do but new research is proving this wrong.

Dr. Victoria Roshchina / October 8, 2019

When to harvest? The art and science behind picking for optimum medicinal potential

Where and how to grow medicinal plants requires a keen eye, patience and plenty of experience

Heather Beach and Spencer McGregor / October 8, 2019

Labrador Tea is an Arctic wonder

The value and meaning behind one of the Arctic’s precious medicinals

Heather Anderson, Kelson Miron and Keltie Morris / October 8, 2019

The Soul

Shubham Talwar shares with his vision about the transcendence of the Soul and its brief embodiment in the many worlds of humans and trees.

Shubham Talwar / October 8, 2019

My love of plants

Susan Gosling expresses the inspiration she receives from nature and her enchanting garden.

Susan Gosling / October 8, 2019

Greetings from the Editor

Welcome to Spiritual Botany Issue Four

Praveen Saxena / October 4, 2019