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Know More About Plant Resource

This cross word puzzle deals with information about some plants of high economic importance.

Dr. Pooja Gupta / November 1, 2021

Diversity in Danger

Diversity in danger

Shubham Singh / November 1, 2021

Botanical Floral Art

Botanical floral art

Mary Mello / November 1, 2021

Beauty of morning dew

The beauty of morning dew

Dr. Pooja Gupta / November 11, 2020

The Fascinating World of Plants

This quiz is not just a set of questions and answers or a small collection of facts which needs to be learnt but is about going a little beyond our regular knowledge and learning more about plants.

Dr. Pooja Gupta / November 7, 2020

Mankind’s Best Friends

As darkness closes and predators prowl nearby,The Neanderthal seeks shelter underneath a tree,Ripping off one of its limbs and starting a hearty fire.Warmth, light and safety, provided by the ancient giants of the forest. In the dead of the winter, the pioneer wakes up the sleeping giants with his axe,Taking logs to build his cabin, which will protect his family through the freezing cold.The hearty fire now burns in his home all night long,Smoke rising up to meet the sky,...

Devanshi Shukla / July 2, 2020

Hari Parbat*

Across the lake,it would appear as the crowning jewel.It would appear slowly,from within the fog. With a change of season,the colours and shades would change.Sometimes red, sometimes yellowand sometimes appearing orange.Now, I don’t know,in what state it is in?Although it’s surrounded by water,it appears thirsty. Silently it would keep an eye on the proceedings of the city.But sometimes, in the waves of Dal Lake,it would appear dancing.It would swing to the beat of the ‘shikara’ oars,and sometimes, dance to the...

Pavneesh Madan, Manisha Madan / July 2, 2020

Garden Cafe

About the Author Professor Jaideep Mathur is a Plant Cell Biologist at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph, who combines science and art to develop an understanding of plants.  While nature inspires his paintings the effect is often surrealistic, solely reflecting his impressions and an imaginary world of beautiful plant forms that exists in his mind.

/ April 30, 2020


This morning is a bright sunny day, Gleaming leaves in the sun’s ray, In the morning there is a sight, To see the sun very bright. A butterfly in a flower bed, Is so pretty if you want to bet, Chirping birds are all around, Squirrels peeping out of their house. Wind blows, rustling the leaves, Then peace all around the trees, The flow of the river and the playing of fish, Is so beautiful you can’t even guess. Then...

Anushka Mathur / April 30, 2020

A Tree Tale

About the Author Navya Saxena loves to draw, paint, dance and hug trees!

Navya Saxena / April 30, 2020

I Love Flowers!

About the Author Anya Jain loves flowers because they are beautiful, and she likes reading about all the different kinds. When she grows up, Anya wants to be a botanist.

Anya Jain / April 30, 2020

My Magnolia Tree

I look out my window, on a cold and dreary day,Feeling sad and gloomy, wishing I could go outside and play. Suddenly I hear a whisper, “Look up here Avni!You are not alone, it’s your friend the magnolia tree!” My frown breaks into a smile, my heart fills with love,My beautiful magnolia tree with big green leaves, flowers white as doves. It says to me quietly, bringing its branches down,“You will always have friends in nature, take a look around!”...

Avni Jain / April 30, 2020

Maple and the Birds

About the Author Roocha Shukla is keenly interested in science. She also loves to write, draw, and paint things that inspire her. This comic is an expression of her inspiration from nature. 

Roocha Shukla / April 30, 2020

The Soul

Shubham Talwar shares with his vision about the transcendence of the Soul and its brief embodiment in the many worlds of humans and trees.

Shubham Talwar / October 8, 2019

My love of plants

Susan Gosling expresses the inspiration she receives from nature and her enchanting garden.

Susan Gosling / October 8, 2019

Let Me Be A Tree

Shubham Talwar discusses his connection with nature through poetry

Shubham Talwar / September 24, 2018


Jaideep Mathur explores the artistic process behind his fernhouse painting.

Jaideep Mathur / July 14, 2017

First Snow

Katharine Reszetnik explores the ambiance of a first frost through poetry.

Katharine Reszetnik / July 14, 2017


Maya Goel marvels the world of saprophytes through poetry

Maya Goel / November 3, 2016

Peony Nascent

Sylvia Woods a visual artist based in Guelph, Ontario presents her painting of the European peony (Paeonia officinalis L.), a plant once regarded as a healing symbol during the Renaissance.

Sylvia D. Woods / November 3, 2016