Let me sink my legs into the Earth
and extend my sore, delicate feet.
For I’ve traveled a thousand miles to rebirth
upon this warm, rich, and loving peat.

Let me inhale the divine essence
of the land: soak my brittle bones
with the knowledge and the sacred lessons
sheathed in nature’s eternal tomes.

Below, as my feet and toes uncurl,
my arms and hands reach out above,
with each whisper of the wind I’ll twirl,
and dance with each tremor’s gentle shove.

But as I grow, a sapling, taller,
let me stand firm ‘gainst the rushing gale.
However vicious its seeming demeanour,
let my fullest resilience prevail.

I ask not to cheat nature’s laws,
only to pass its rigorous tests.
For if it wills to rip with lightning claws,
To smile and accept, I’ll do my best.

So let my arms embrace all corners
and harness the humblest prize to be won,
with tremendous pride and sincere honour:
The blessed rays of the morning Sun.

For I’ll use this gift to provide
sweet sustenance to all creatures of the land,
with each breath that I subside,
I’ll shade and shelter with my hands.

Let me harbour the mice and squirrels,
stoic wills at the heart of their kingdom.
Let me host the winged bards and singers,
the hooting sages and their infinite wisdom.

Let me hold the hunter’s scent
as cautious warning and courageous challenge,
till the rains wash down without relent,
and let the smaller beasts scavenge.

Let me mark the seasons of life
in all their flourishing, withering beauty.
Let me adorn in my modest strife,
green, gold, and red leaves my vanity.

Let me safeguard with my tall vigil
the frolicking insects, the dancing bees;
In my trillion branches and roots the sigil
of The Soul and it’s infinitesimal seeds.

Image: Pixabay.com



935801_3135957615779_1950264622_nShubham Talwar (April 1995 – December 2017) was a biological sciences student at the University of Guelph.
He was a very curious, philosophical human being who appreciated the world for its every minor detail. His love for literature started early on, and it became one of his many passions. He was a stellar flute player, a devoted lover of astronomy, and someone extremely connected to mother nature. His compassion for all forms of life found its way into his poetic explorations. His vivid poetic depictions paint a beautiful picture of the journey a seed takes to form into a tree, yet at the same time demonstrate the philosophical pondering about life in general. Shubham was a very kind and caring young man with a beautiful soul and his work truly gives a reflection of that.

Posted by Shweta Dixit