Shubham Talwar shares with his vision about the transcendence of the Soul and its brief embodiment in the many worlds of humans and trees.

Unceasing, tireless, cohesive motion;
A trillion particles floating about.
A trillion souls, a trillion entities;
Worlds within, worlds without.

An eternal, immortal merging of wills;
A river of souls in ceaseless flow.
A river of life: endless deliverance;
Worlds fusing with worlds to glow.

A trillion arms reach out, accept:
The gifted glow’s magical nectar.
A trillion hands unfold, grasping
The worlds of this heavenly pool to savour.

And the trillions of trees, branches swaying,
Frolicking with their friends, content,
Now let their own worlds, in turn,
Into trillions of mindful worlds, descend.

Each mind’s trillions of cognitive branches
Absorb these worlds into perceptions.
And for just a precious few moments
They can fathom into constellations

The worlds of the precious stars above.
The trillions of minds around.
The trillion entities and trillion souls.
This tapestry of worlds so tightly wound.

An eternal, immortal merging of wills;
An all encompassing black hole.
The trillion of entities in trillions of worlds;
All within this single, beautiful soul.

About the Author

Shubham Talwar (April 1995- December 2017) was a biological sciences student at the University of Guelph. Shubham’s passion for the environment, philosophy and astronomy is seen in his works. His creativity transcends through his written work as it does in this poem, which we are privileged to publish posthumously. The Soul fits appropriately in this issue of Spiritual Botany as it invites us to commune with plants as soulmates.

Posted by Shweta Dixit