I look out my window, on a cold and dreary day,
Feeling sad and gloomy, wishing I could go outside and play.

Suddenly I hear a whisper, “Look up here Avni!
You are not alone, it’s your friend the magnolia tree!”

My frown breaks into a smile, my heart fills with love,
My beautiful magnolia tree with big green leaves, flowers white as doves.

It says to me quietly, bringing its branches down,
“You will always have friends in nature, take a look around!”

The nutty squirrels with bushy tails, the chirping birds singing morning songs,
The flowing streams with smooth rocks and flowers with colourful petals short and long.

You are very wise and kind my wonderful magnolia tree,
I don’t feel gloomy anymore, I have all my nature friends to play with me!

And I will take care of you too!

I will plant trees all around,
I will pick up litter when I go for a walk,
I will reuse and recycle!

Because that’s what friends do,
We’ll do what we can while we can to take care of you! 

About the Author

Avni Jain loves art and poetry! She likes being inspired by nature and the environment.  

Posted by Shweta Dixit