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Welcome to the volume eight of the Spiritual Botany. I am pleased to welcome Sivagamasundhari Sikamani (Siva) to the editorial team. Siva brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in plant cultivation, health benefits of plant based nutrition, and their use in religious and spiritual practices.  

This issue introduces an interesting plant “The Monk Fruit” which has been traditionally used by monks for its low sugar content and medicinal uses. Included along with the feature article on monk fruit is a simple recipe to make a low calorie sweet dish with the monk fruit sugar. Another article in this volume explores the story of ginkgo tree, the lone survivor in its family. Botanical art is a new addition to the range of publications in the Spiritual Botany and we hope that there will be many more botanical art contributions in near future.  

I hope that you will enjoy solving the plant puzzle and appreciate the message to protect plant biodiversity in the poem. 

Praveen Saxena 

Editorial Team for Spiritual Botany Volume 8:

Sivagamasundhari Sikamani (Siva)

Shweta Dixit

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