Today the world is wrestling with the Coronavirus. This pandemic has killed many people all over the globe and is continuing to do so. This is a shorthand story to not feel like a prisoner of this pandemic and plan for a brighter future.

You all might be thinking what is this pandemic exactly? Why does it exist, when will it go away and a lot of other questions. No doubt, this worldwide disease, now known as COVID-19, can make people’s life very tough, as well as for those around them. As we have all heard, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Accompanying the slowdown of life due to this pandemic, there are many unbelievably encouraging reports about Earth and nature; the planet is now living and breathing happily! The environment is getting better day by day. The planet is revealing the true beauties of nature as humans are forced to stay home and slow down their actions. In almost all countries, the AQI (Air Quality Index) decreased, many pollution-related diseases have also decreased, and the water flowing through Venice’s canals is much cleaner. India and China reported a significant drop in air pollution. Many animals including elephants and deer have been roaming freely in Japan, Thailand, and many other countries rejoicing their freedom to stroll in a smoke free environment.

This is a perfect example of karma concept. Karma is a powerful and important concept to live by, as it keeps us on the right path. Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual influence his or her the future. About 66 million years ago when no human beings existed, the earth was a different planet. It was a peaceful ecosystem, with no pollution and lots of plants, trees and other organisms. But when the human population started increasing slowly and steadily, they started exploiting nature, taking away the shelters of beautiful wild animals who were living in peace. Furthermore, they started cutting trees for their own use without any consideration of all the favours that these plants had done for them. They did not replenish the forests which were harvested for economic gains. Human beings have oppressed the earth nearly to its end. If humans do not heal their mother Earth, the earth will go about it in its own way.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of our dysfunctional relationship with nature. Scientists say that it is highly likely that the virus came from animals, but probably passed through an intermediate carrier. Animals are often forced to live in unnatural, restricted spaces. Studies show that deforestation, loss of wildlife habitats, and resulting climate changes can cause increases in the onslaught of infectious diseases perhaps due to compromised immunity.

However, from the perspective of human beings, many people are dying because of this pandemic and it is a great concern. So, what is the solution? If there is no hustling and bustling of people in our environment, will it make us and our surroundings happy and safe? Absolutely not! An intelligent mind can easily see that the world’s economy will be affected adversely. We need to find a balance.

In summary, nature is sending us messages that environmental conditions are getting worse every day. We need to reflect on our actions carefully and we must not harm the earth and its natural environment.  Nature can heal on its own to an extent, but it needs our love, respect, and protection.  So, let’s be safe, positive and happy and ride through these bad times and plan for a brighter future ahead.

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Yashwani Saxena loves exploring things, travelling, music and dancing.

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