Wouldn’t it be amazing if trees could actually talk to each other? Currently, trees communicate by swerving their branches and leaves. They make high, and low-pitched noises. Some day we shall be able to decode their language. But, if the trees could really talk like us, these are a few things I think they would discuss.

In a gathering of trees, I think I would hear them talking about whether they are being treated well by other creatures of the world. I am sure they would be talking about how they are surviving, because all living beings have different ways to survive. The trees would discuss environmental matters and diseases such as bacteria, fungi, or superbugs that are destroying their families in forests. Trees would love to learn what humans are doing to protect them from fires, deforestation, and deadly diseases. Those extremely tall trees would talk about the beautiful snow-covered mountains that humans cannot see easily, but they can. On the other hand, the shorter ones would talk about kids playing in their surroundings and families spending time together happily. I wonder if they feel eager to move around like all of us and visit our neighborhoods just as we humans wander in the garden. Those along highways would worry about air pollution watching cars and other vehicles moving around, blowing puffs of smoke. If trees could talk, they would have a lot to say.

About the Author

Veer Chandra’s hobbies include reading books, bike riding, playing basketball and video games with his friends. He also likes enhancing his math skills, his favourite subject.

Posted by Shweta Dixit