On a cold winter evening, there were two oak trees named Rootella and Seedler. Rootella was feeling under the weather. On seeing her expression, Seedler asked, “Why is your face like a wet warbler? Is something wrong?” At this Rootella said, “I am just missing my friends, those humans. Due to this lockdown, they must remain in their homes and cannot come out to give me company.”

This got Seedler’s blood boiling. He began shouting, “They are suffering because of their deeds! Humans are remorseless creatures who only know how to take! They take our wood, fruits, fiber, seeds and in return, we get nothing, no appreciation at all. Their hearts are filled with greed. We weep before them, but they do not care or show any compassion to us in the world. They just keep cutting us. They have destroyed so many forests. Besides, they are so busy these days that no one has the time to come out and be in our world.”

Rootella was stunned but she calmly said, “You are partially right but nowadays people are realizing their mistakes. They have understood our importance. Many events such as the Earth Day are being organized. In India, 60,000 saplings were planted recently, and many other countries are doing similar efforts. Rootella continued “Humans are coming up with new ways to protect forests such as Afforestation and Planned Harvesting. Besides, they still play in our laps and they still rest in our shade, the rustling of our leaves is a lullaby to their ears.”

Seedler was quiet for a moment. Then he said, “I think you are right. I am not angry anymore, but I hope that they will be kind to us in the future. We can give them a lot and keep giving to their future generations.” Rootella nodded in agreement.

About the Author

Harshit Saxena loves stories, drawing and crafts. Writing is one of his biggest passions.

Posted by Shweta Dixit