Dear Readers,

I hope you have endured the lockdown successfully, nurturing your creativity while completing a few pending tasks. We were able to put together issue 6 of Spiritual Botany and have planned several other volumes on a variety of topics. Stay tuned for more issues on health, environment, and immunity. I thank you all for your appreciation of the previous issue ( 5) which highlighted contributions from children who expressed their passion for nature with aplomb. These contributions included poetry, paintings, cartoons, and stories. Parents were amazed with their children’s deep sense of appreciation for trees and the environment they live in.

This issue features an article on Gin and Tonic with an interesting history of hydroxychloroquine as well as a couple of plant profiles contributed by the students from the medicinal plant course at University of Guelph. We have also added a new feature called “Plant food recipes” which will feature interesting plant-based recipes for a healthy diet. Enjoy!


Praveen Saxena

Editorial Team for Spiritual Botany Volume 6:

Devanshi Shukla

Shweta Dixit

Posted by Shweta Dixit