Spiritual Botany is an interdisciplinary, online, open access magazine that engages in the exploration and appreciation of the role of plants and plant-based practices in connecting us to our environment and spirituality. The Magazine aims to provide a platform to learn about plant-human interactions at all levels of consciousness and how they influence the environment and human health. We encourage contributions from a wide spectrum of views and opinions, diverse disciplines from Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and Philosophy expressed through multiple media such as articles, photography, poetry, film, drawings and more. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our eclectic collection and encourage individuals from all educational backgrounds and disciplines to submit their opinions and thoughts to the evolving discussions within the scope of Spiritual Botany.

Still not sure what spiritual botany is about? Find out more about its meaning and context within the magazine below. 

A quick google search would reveal that limited (if any) work has been done to define or investigate the term ‘spiritual botany’. In the context of this magazine, we propose that spiritual botany is defined as the study of plant environment interactions in exploration of human consciousness, spirituality, and health. Spiritual botany is an amalgamation of disciplines in order to better understand the interconnectedness between plants, spirituality, and human health (Fig 1).


Fig 1. Spiritual Botany is an Amalgamation of Disciplines Related to Plants, Human Health and Spirituality.

The illustration above is not meant to be comprehensive. Rather it serves to illustrate the complexity and richness underlying the use of this term. As such we hope in issues to come that readers will enter respectfully into discourse on topics pertaining to spiritual botany and that the magazine will serve as place to express concepts, ideas and opinions, while also raising awareness towards areas of research which are often under-represented in the literature.

Posted by Shweta Dixit