I have been experimenting with the incorporation of healthy ingredients used in traditional Indian recipes to combine the health benefits with great tastes in our daily diet. The following ‘Spicy Smoothie Recipe’ is based on our traditional knowledge of spices, their benefits and my personal taste. All ingredients have been commonly used in food preparation for centuries and are considered safe to consume. However, consumers are responsible for the use of these ingredients and are advised to consult their physicians for any medical concerns about the recipe.  

All the items listed are optional and can be added depending on availability and personal preferences. Some ingredients tend to be more bitter like Kalonji and Karela, however, the sweetness of fruits balances it out.

Please note that the glycemic index (GI) of fruits varies quite a bit and it is wise to choose fruits with a low GI such as berries. Vegetables, including spinach, baby kale, tomatoes, and others can be added according to taste.

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Hemp Seeds 1 small teaspoon
Chia Seeds 1 small teaspoon
Kalonji*  1 small teaspoon
Ginger Powder 1 small teaspoon
(may use fresh ginger)
Gooseberry Powder 1 small teaspoon
Salt    1/4 teaspoon or less
White or Black pepper 1/4 teaspoon or to taste
Flax Seeds 1 small teaspoon
Karela Powder* 1 small teaspoon

*Kalonji (Nigella sativa) and Karela (bitter gourd) powder are bitter and hence optional




One banana (Scrape the inside of the peel as well and add it to the smoothie)
One cup mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & blackberries)
One stick of celery                                    
Half and apple                             
Half a beet root (gives a nice purple colour)
One fresh two-inch piece of aloe vera with the outer skin removed
A one-inch piece of fresh turmeric                    
Two teaspoons of sprouted fenugreek seeds
Seasonal fruits such as pineapple, mango, watermelon, honeydew melon


  • Liquid
    For a vegan smoothie, add water. Other options are milk and yogurt.
  • Preparation
    • Add all the fruits and vegetables to the blender
    • Crush all the condiments in the coffee grinder and add to the blender
    • Add the liquid
    • Blend at high speed for about 2 minutes.
    • A typical serving is 180 ml.
    • The above recipe makes about 6 servings which can be stored in the refrigerator.  Since there are no added preservatives, preferably consume within 2-3 days.

My suggestion is to start your day with this smoothie for breakfast. Alternatively take it as a light ‘pick me up’ whenever.

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Note: Please research the benefits and precautions for using the various ingredients listed in this recipe to select ones that are suitable for you.

About the Author

Arun Jain has a keen interest in the use of plant and natural foods as a way of staying healthy. Following his retirement as an IT Consultant, he continues to nurture his love and passion for music, the use of natural items in daily life, and natural remedies for better health and well-being.

Posted by Shweta Dixit