Tulsi Halwa/Fudge/Legiyam 

Sivagama Sikamani (Siva)

Tulsi (Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum) will give better, bushy growth of leaves if the flowers or inflorescence are removed frequently. Removed flowers/inflorescences are dried for uses as tea, and to use in many health products. One such product is the tulsi fudge, which is an ideal cough suppressant or immunity booster.

Here is the recipe for the Tusli Halwa/Fudge/Legiyam:

  • Powder the leaves and flowers.
  • Soak equal amounts of dates and raisins, or dates alone in hot water, ground with cardamom and nutmeg, added to taste.
  • With a little ghee in a pan (non-stick), add the dates paste, let it cook and add the tulsi powder, and give the contents a turn. Cook with intermittent additions of ghee (2-3 tablespoons maximum), add some dry ginger powder (Sukku), and cook untill the ghee separates. Take out, spread to slice, or roll into balls. You can add amla powder to infuse tangy taste to this recipe.
  • Stays well for a month in the fridge and longer in the freezer.

Image 1: Dried Tulsi flowers and inflorescence

Image 2: Dates, raisins, and powdered Tulsi flowers/inflorescence.


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Siva (Sivagama Sikamani) is the co-editor of Spiritual Botany, an avid gardener, and loves to make healthy food choices from the harvest of her own garden.

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